Sandra Larson Animal Communicator

Dad and the fawnsPeople often ask me how I came to be an animal communicator.  Of course, I've studied with wonderful professional animal communicators, but as I reflect back on my life, I realize my father was my very first animal communication teacher.  He taught us to love, honor, cherish and respect animals.  He believed they were Master Teachers of unconditional love.  Whether it was a domestic or 'wild' animal, he had a wonderful gentle way of communicating with them.  He had loving relationships with dogs, cats, deer, chipmunks and birds, just to name a few. He would even often ask the birds outside our breakfast window their opinions and tell us how they answered his questions.  He melted with love when he had the opportunity to connect with animals.  And so I watched him and learned how wonderfully wise and amazing the animals are in our world.  I hope you'll like this children’s story I wrote several years ago about my father, Fred Larson

The Little Boy’s Prayer

There once was a little boy who longed to love and be loved. Every night he prayed, “Dear God, when I get older may I please have a wife and children. I promise to love them and teach them love, everyday!” And God remembered the Little Boy’s Prayer.

One day, when the little boy grew older, he saw a beautiful and kind young lady. He was very shy and new at romantic love. As soon as he met her, he felt embarrassed and ran away. But as time went on, they grew in love and married. Together, they learned about compassion and caring. And God remembered the Little Boy’s Prayer.

Because the little boy kept his promise, God sent four little girls to him and his wife. He taught his girls about love. His children invited their friend’s to visit. He loved his children’s friends and taught them about love, too. As the little boy’s love grew, so did his heart. And God remember the Little Boy’s Prayer.

Because the little boy kept his promise, God sent him animals of all kinds to love. He talked to the animals and loved them. He taught everyone around him to appreciate and care for the animals. And God remembered the Little Boy’s Prayer.

Throughout his life, the little boy kept his promise and so God sent him neighbors, friends, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and even strangers to care for. He loved them all and taught them to love others. And God remembered the Little Boy’s Prayer.

When the little boy became very old, his heart could no longer contain this great love. It was then that God looked around the world and found the little boy’s gift had blessed all of creation. So God smiled and said, “Come home and be with me little boy. Your work here is done.” And God remembered the Little Boy’s Prayer.

(Written by Sandra Larson as a tribute to my father, Fred Larson)