Sandra Larson Animal Communicator

On September 17th, 2011, I was invited to offer animal communication to the dogs and their human companions attending the fundraiser called Wags and Wavs at Hawaiian Falls in Garland Texas. From my space, I could look down on the area that simulated waves. With delight, I watched as the dogs ran in and out of the water, swimming with joy and abandon! It seems dogs certainly do know how to have a good time!

After quickly setting up my space in the morning, I sat down on my rug, and one by one communicated with the wiggly, happy, wet dogs, doing my best to translate their messages to their human friends. It was a long and beautiful day! By late afternoon, I had spoken with approximately 30 dogs and their people!

The volunteer team at Wags and Wavs were very kind in helping me unload and load up my car, so around 4:00 PM I left the event to visit with my family, some of whom were from out of town. I found them at the Clubhouse, but because my dog Buddy was with me, the security guard at the complex would not allow him into the pool area. Isn't it funny how I could come from an event where dogs were swimming in a public pool and then go to another public place where they are not allowed? So Buddy and I went back to my sister's house located in the development.


After he settled, I intended to go back to the Clubhouse to be with my family. However, my mother told me that earlier in the day she had seen a stray dog. So on my own, I grabbed Buddy's leash and began to walk the neighborhood to find the dog. It was funny because I saw him as he went around the corner and then it seemed he just disappeared. I looked, but I couldn't find him anywhere.


Since I was already out, the thought occurred to me that instead of driving back, I could walk to the Clubhouse which was about a mile away. Although I didn't exactly know how to get there on foot, at least I knew the general direction.

So, with leash in hand, I set out walking toward the Clubhouse. I headed down the hill toward the wet watery greenbelt area. To my amazement, hiding in the tall grasses, I saw two beautiful green cat eyes cautiously staring up at me! Carefully, not wanting to frighten this large twenty-pound hunting cat, I slowly made my way down the hill toward him all the while speaking with gentle, loving tones. He had no collar, but he looked very well fed, and my intuition told me he lived with a human family who allowed him to enjoy the outdoors freely. So, I wasn't worried that he was lost.

As I got to the bottom of the hill, I noticed the ground was wet and soggy. The cat must have felt safe with me because as I called to him, he tried to come across the damp area toward me. Each time he tried, he would stop because he didn't like the feel of wet soil on his feet. He stood in the dry area, kneading the earth with his paws, calling to me. Speaking calmly, I told him it was alright. Finally, after a few failed attempts at him trying to cross the soggy patch of ground, I said to him if he couldn't come to me, I would jump over, and come back to him. So, I took a big leap across the wet soil which momentarily frightened him, and he began to run in the other direction.

After calling gently to him, he came back to me. Amazingly, with every sentence I spoke to him, he answered me with a loud 'meow'! We were really talking now! Slowly, I climbed the hill as he followed me to the sidewalk. There he yawned and showed me his oversized teeth! I was quite sure, I didn't want a bite with those enormous fangs, but he reassured me that he was my friend by walking around me in a circle several times, marking me with his head and asking me to pet him gently, so I did. We visited for a long time like this.

Finally, I decided it was time to walk home to my sister's house and visit with my family. (It's true that I can really lose track of time when talking with an animal!) I began to walk down the sidewalk and at first, he followed me. Then, he stopped and sat down on the sidewalk, saying, "This is where we say goodbye! I need to stay in my area near my human family!"

As I walked away, I looked back to admire the grace and elegance of the big fellow. Then, I smiled when I realized just how renewed and refreshed I felt. I'd spent most of my day talking with wet dogs and in contrast ended the day with a loving cat conversation. You might wonder what we discussed that evening. It was really more of a blessed energy exchange of honor, respect and unconditional love!

He, while trying to hide in plain sight in the tall grasses had taken time to communicate with me which recharged my battery after a very long day.

Seeing the cat hiding yet completely visible reminded me one of a dream where I was trying to be invisible. I was in a beautiful temple where I found the Sacred Scrolls of Intuition. I wanted to hide them to protect them. I tried to make myself and the Scrolls invisible. There was a man in my dream, so I asked him, "Excuse me, Sir, can you still see me?" He answered me with a cockeyed grin, "Hey lady, I can still see you! You're standing right there!" I remember feeling embarrassed for thinking I was invisible!

From that dream, I realized that we have all been given the Sacred Scrolls of Intuition. But we haven't been given them to hide, but rather so that we can make visible our intuition every day! Sometimes it's scary to let go of fears and trust our intuitive guidance, but the rewards are so rich and sweet! My commitment is to listen and when invited, to share the spiritual guidance I receive with others. No more hiding! There is a loving world of life just waiting to connect with us! This recent reminder came to me via the courtesy of a big beautiful cat hiding in the tall grasses!

Sweetest Blessings,

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