Sandra Larson Animal Communicator

It was an early Monday morning after a late night when suddenly my dog Buddy and I heard an ear-shattering howl just outside my bedroom window. Buddy immediately jumped up to check it out. It was the wail of an animal in excruciating pain. Even though I heard the cry, I laid in my bed for a few seconds more. My Spiritual Inner Guidance System usually speaks to me gently, encouraging me to take inspired action. But this morning I was too tired to move. That's when I heard a not so gentle internal voice say, "Sandra Larson, are you not an animal communicator? You know that animal needs you so GET UP right now!"

Now I was listening! So, I jumped out of bed, threw on my clothes without even bothering to brush my hair or teeth and flew out the door to investigate. Immediately, checking my front yard and finding nothing, I walked to my neighbor's. There I saw a beautiful green-eyed small chocolate Lab restrained by my neighbor who told me the dog was hit by a car. I noticed the dog couldn't put any weight on his back left leg and was concerned that the back leg could be injured.

In a few minutes, the dog's human guardian pulled up in the driveway. She seemed flustered and frustrated that her dog had dug his way out of the backyard, and had run into traffic. She explained she'd only had the dog for a few months. I told her about a local vet who was a few blocks away and volunteered to hold the dog while riding in the back of her hatchback car. I slid into the car, and she handed the forty-pound dog to me. The dog was in pain and whimpered when his leg was touched. On the ride to the Vet's office, he allowed me to hold him gently and securely without biting or growling as the car went down the bumpy road.

As we drove, I spoke soothingly to the little guy, telling him everything would be alright. Even though it was a short drive, as an Empath, it seemed to take an eternity to arrive. With assistance, we gently lifted him out of the car, and I carried him into the Vet's office. Because the Vet was involved in a surgery, they told us we would have to wait for about 30 minutes. At first, I was sitting on a chair, holding the dog but then his human person suggested we sit on the floor together with him. Every time we moved him, it seemed to cause him more pain, and it hurt my heart to do it.

On the floor, the dog stood on three legs and a vet technician joined us there. To my amazement, I watched this little dog that was in so much pain hobble over to all three of us to give us comfort. He came to me last and gave me the sweetest kisses of love and appreciation.

As we waited for the Vet to finish the surgery and examine our sweet boy, I heard my Spiritual Inner Guidance System 'yell' at me yet again, "Sandra, did you not just teach an animal communication class this past weekend about animal healing? Please, use your hands and channel healing energy to this dog!" Even though I felt a little embarrassed, without hesitation, I set my intention and began to channel healing energy through my hands. The dog seemed to sense what I was doing and positioned himself to have his wounded back leg area in alignment with my hands.

A few minutes later, the Vet Tech administered a pain shot to the dog and shortly after that the Vet came out to say he could bring the dog into his office for an examination. The dog's person volunteered to give me a ride home while the dog was getting an X-ray. I told her that she could stay with the dog and I would gladly walk home. But she insisted on giving me a ride. Fifteen minutes after arriving at my house I received a call from the woman who said the X-rays revealed there was nothing wrong with the dog! I was in awe and told her I was grateful and happy for the excellent news…

I began to wonder how severely the dog’s wound was after the accident and if he'd possibly experienced an instantaneous healing while we were together? I don't have the answers, but I do know as I watched this little guy, I witnessed a Master Teacher and Role Model exhibit incredible grace under fire. Once again, an animal had become my teacher, and I am inspired to 'walk in the footsteps' of one so unconditionally wise, loving and kind!