Sandra Larson Animal Communicator

My mind was a million miles away considering the changes coming to me when I saw a white streak run in front of my car. I slammed on my brakes just in time to not hit a small white dog. I thought to myself who in the world would let their dog out in this busy traffic? Quickly I parked the car and started on foot to follow the dog. I got close enough to see he was skinny, matted, and looked neglected. He was lost, or his people did not care for him. Either way, he was in trouble and needed help.

Using my softest, most gentle voice, I called to this frightened, lonely little being, "Buddy, it's alright, I'm here to help you." Amazingly, after following him for a couple of blocks, he allowed me to walk up to him. A woman in the neighborhood loaned me a leash. Without resistance, Buddy, as I'd come to call him, allowed me to lift him up and put him in my car. Wanting to do the right thing, but with a feeling of sadness, I brought him to my friends at the local animal shelter.

Within an hour of leaving him there, I received a phone call. The shelter staff person told me Buddy seemed afraid of the other big dogs. They asked if I would mind letting him stay with me until his people came for him. My heart jumped inside my chest realizing I could have him in my home!

My work allowed me to have a flexible schedule, so I found plenty of time to care for him. I bathed him and gently worked to brush and clip his matted fur. I brought him to the vet and began an active campaign to find his people. I created fliers and posted them around town. We walked door-to-door in the neighborhood where I'd found him and another area where I guessed where his home might be. But no one claimed him. Didn't anyone even miss this cuddly guy?

Every day I fell more in love with this little one. After a month of looking for his people, my friends at the shelter told me I could be Buddy's permanent caretaker and best friend. It was a fulfilling and delightful day.

Looking back, I realize Buddy came to me at just the right time. I found him on the streets in April, was divorced in May and in September of that year, our beloved father passed away. It was a difficult time, but somehow by caring for Buddy, I was caring for myself.

Since then, Buddy has become my constant companion and is always near me. He helps with my Intuitive Life Coaching and Animal Communication work. Bud sits on my lap when I'm on a call or my client's lap during sessions. I love him from head to toe including his cute under-bite, and the funny way he sticks out his tongue. He's my boy, and I'm blessed to have him in my life. When I think about the love and the closeness we share I often wonder . . . Who rescued who?

Dad and the fawnsPeople often ask me how I came to be an animal communicator. Of course, I've studied with incredible professional animal communicators, but as I reflect back on my life, I realize my father was my very first animal communication teacher. He taught us to love, honor, cherish and respect animals. He believed they were Master Teachers of unconditional love. Whether it was a domestic or 'wild' animal, he had a wonderfully gentle way of communicating with them. He had loving relationships with dogs, cats, deer, chipmunks, and birds, just to name a few. He would even often ask the birds outside our breakfast window their opinions and tell us how they answered his questions. He melted with love when he had the opportunity to connect with animals. And so I watched him and learned how wonderfully wise and amazing the animals are in our world. I hope you'll like this children’s story I wrote several years ago about my father, Fred Larson


The Little Boy’s Prayer

There once was a little boy who longed to love and be loved. Every night he prayed, “Dear God, when I get older may I please have a wife and children. I promise to love them and teach them love, everyday!” And God remembered the Little Boy’s Prayer.

In loving memory of Rhett, Victoria’s Border Terrier

by Victoria

memorial-photo-of-border-terrier-rhett2I met Rhett when he was two and half weeks old. His eyes were barely open, he was tiny and had a little white spot on his neck. I asked if he would like me to be his mommy.

Six weeks later, I put a little royal blue collar on him and took him home.

The first two nights we slept on the floor. I could feel his heartbeat and he could feel mine. The next few nights I slept on the couch and he slept on the carpet beside me. Within a week he was sleeping on his bed.

Before I knew it, he was sleeping in my bed.

When he was very young, he would wait for me when I got out of the shower and try to lick my legs dry.


It was an early Monday morning after a late night when suddenly my dog Buddy and I heard an ear-shattering howl just outside my bedroom window. Buddy immediately jumped up to check it out. It was the wail of an animal in excruciating pain. Even though I heard the cry, I laid in my bed for a few seconds more. My Spiritual Inner Guidance System usually speaks to me gently, encouraging me to take inspired action. But this morning I was too tired to move. That's when I heard a not so gentle internal voice say, "Sandra Larson, are you not an animal communicator? You know that animal needs you so GET UP right now!"

On September 17th, 2011, I was invited to offer animal communication to the dogs and their human companions attending the fundraiser called Wags and Wavs at Hawaiian Falls in Garland Texas. From my space, I could look down on the area that simulated waves. With delight, I watched as the dogs ran in and out of the water, swimming with joy and abandon! It seems dogs certainly do know how to have a good time!

After quickly setting up my space in the morning, I sat down on my rug, and one by one communicated with the wiggly, happy, wet dogs, doing my best to translate their messages to their human friends. It was a long and beautiful day! By late afternoon, I had spoken with approximately 30 dogs and their people!

The volunteer team at Wags and Wavs were very kind in helping me unload and load up my car, so around 4:00 PM I left the event to visit with my family, some of whom were from out of town. I found them at the Clubhouse, but because my dog Buddy was with me, the security guard at the complex would not allow him into the pool area. Isn't it funny how I could come from an event where dogs were swimming in a public pool and then go to another public place where they are not allowed? So Buddy and I went back to my sister's house located in the development.