Sandra Larson Animal Communicator

Animal Communicator, Sandra Larson, and fellow Soul Coach, Gina Alzate, speak with Kathleen Farland about Bo-Dee and Peanut, her precious dogs. Bo-Dee is a celebrity dog and Peanut is a painter dog who uses the noselism method. Bo-Dee Girl can be seen in the Movies: 101 Dalmatians and a Rat Terrier; Pup Squeak II, The Movie; Top 3 Little Missy Adventure Movies - Homeless and Hungry, The Conspirators, andThe Puppy File Caper; Bad Girl! Bad, Bad, Bad Girl!; Crazy About You!; Kung Foo BoDee; Hungry!; Little Red, and the Big Bad Wolf. Bo-Dee can also be seen in the TV Series: 3 Top Pup Squeak Episodes: Whoâ??s Been Sleeping in My Bed?, In Daddyâ??s Hands, Sooo Sick. Sandra Larson's November 3, 2009 broadcast on Holistic Life Design's Talkshoe station.


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