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Sandra Larson Animal Communicator

The purpose of this teleconference is to give us an opportunity to learn and practice our Intuitive Translating gifts. As a group, we will lovingly focus on assisting individuals in understanding those who/that don't have a human voice. Using pictures and prepared questions as a group we will 'tune in' to one individual at a time to get answers using our intuition. The following is a short list of examples: Domestic and wild animals, Pre-birth babies, Infants, Special needs children, Autistic children and adults, comatose patients, Dementia or Alzheimer's patients, Nature (And so much more.)

You will not be required to share your 'intuitive hits' until you feel ready. We'll do our best to be fair. During the call, we'll give each person one opportunity to share with the group their subject picture and questions before giving another person a second turn in the same call. Not only will this be a great time to grow your intuition, but you'll also receive valuable information about your subject. It will give you a new perspective on situations and questions that may have concerned you for a very long time.

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