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Sandra Larson offers a number of Workshops, Galleries, Teleconferences & Events.  Feel free to register for one of our existing events or contact Sandra to schedule an event for your group or organization. Viiew our schedule.

Do you love animals and wish you could understand their messages? Join us and learn what the animals are saying during this monthly animal communication gallery! Sandra Larson will give you some simple steps to learn how you can become an animal communicator, too! It is a loving, safe and peaceful place to explore your intuitive gifts with animals!

No previous training is necessary. Click on the link below or contact Sandra if you have any questions. Live animals will be present. Please bring just one animal per person.

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This interactive introductory workshop is experiential and hands-on. You will come away from this class with a better understanding of animal communication using the CLARAC Approach. You’ll learn how to center, relax and align your energy in a guided meditation. Discover your animal's like and dislikes. Participants will work with descriptions and photos of their partners animal companions. On the last day, we will also work with live animals.

Because of the fun, easy and verifiable exercises, by the end of this introductory workshop, most students come away feeling confident in their ability to talk with animals. After a weekend of receiving the animals’ messages, you’ll realize they have important messages for you and do say the most amazing things!

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In this class, Sandra Larson will guide you through more verifiable hands-on exercises with animals. Some of the topics covered are: negotiating behavioral problems with aggressive, resistant or fearful animals and those in crisis; animal mirroring; identifying where an animal is hurting through energy scans; hands-on-healing and wellness.

Also, you’ll have the opportunity to meet your power animal in a relaxing guided meditation. (Animal Communication Basics is a pre-requisite for this class.)


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This workshop is designed to help you deepen your intuitive skills as you grow more confident as an animal communicator. Some of the topics are remote viewing to find lost animals; aging animals; saying 'goodbye'; grieving through loss; and animal mediumship.

Through Guided Meditation, we will explore an animal's past, present, and future. If time is available, we will apply the CLARAC Approach to wildlife and nature. (Animal Communication Basics is a prerequisite for this workshop.)


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The purpose of this teleconference is to give us an opportunity to learn and practice our Intuitive Translating gifts. As a group, we will lovingly focus on assisting individuals in understanding those who/that don't have a human voice. Using pictures and prepared questions as a group we will 'tune in' to one individual at a time to get answers using our intuition. The following is a short list of examples: Domestic and wild animals, Pre-birth babies, Infants, Special needs children, Autistic children and adults, comatose patients, Dementia or Alzheimer's patients, Nature (And so much more.)

You will not be required to share your 'intuitive hits' until you feel ready. We'll do our best to be fair. During the call, we'll give each person one opportunity to share with the group their subject picture and questions before giving another person a second turn in the same call. Not only will this be a great time to grow your intuition, but you'll also receive valuable information about your subject. It will give you a new perspective on situations and questions that may have concerned you for a very long time.

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PIE Circle! I know, it sounds like a dessert group and although we do serve refreshments, PIE is an acronym for Powerful Intuitive Empath. Being sensitive, and an intuitive empath, I know how life can feel like an emotional roller coaster. Because we are empathic, we're sensitive to the emotions and sometimes even the physical sensations that others are experiencing around us. Sometimes it’s difficult to know what belongs to you and what belongs to another. Would you like a safe, loving place to explore and experience with other like-minded people all aspects of being a Light Worker during this exciting time on Planet Earth?

Would you like a safe, loving place to explore and experience with other like-minded people all aspects of being a Light Worker during this exciting time on Planet Earth? If you feel a 'tug' or sense that you're a vibrational match to this group, you may have made this choice as a part of your Pre-Birth Plan. In this heartfelt practice, we will share with each other what’s like to be an intuitive empath. And, as a group, we lovingly and unconditionally support each other. It’s incredible to watch how each member of the group has grown every month. You are destined to be a brilliant light in the world! By bringing your whole self, we can all learn and remember who we are!

Click on the link below or contact Sandra if you have any questions.


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