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Individual Sessions

Individual appointments with Sandra Larson are made using our on-line booking system to allow you to quickly and easily find the day and time that works best for you and also to alleviate playing phone tag!

For now, you can choose to schedule your appointment first and then confirm it with your PayPal payment or vice versa. Either way you will receive two from PayPal and one from Genbook. We're in the process of allowing payments through the Genbook scheduling interface.

For the greatest experience and most personal benefit, just before your appointment please take time for a few deep breaths which will help you center. Do your best to find a quiet space so you will not be distracted or interrupted while "in session". You may also choose to have a notepad for taking notes.

If you're having an animal communication session, you may wish to be near your animal companion during the call. However, it is not necessary. Before the session please send a picture of your animal companion to me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please prepare your general animal questions in advance.

Please call 972.955.2756 at the time of your scheduled appointment

Please note that on rare occasions the session before yours could possibly run over. Should that happen, please know Sandra would then call you as soon as possible and you will still receive your full scheduled session. Thank you in advance for understanding.

Once you have secured your appointment day and time you can return here to pay for your session through Paypal until payments are enabled through Genbook.

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Phone Session

Sandra does remote animal communication and intuitive life coaching.   She is able to address any animal concerns over the telephone. In the session, she will tune in to your animal friend or your own intuitive needs. Book Session.

In animal communication sessions, she will tune in to your animal friend and have a three-way dialogue. She will help you understand your animal’s perspective and negotiate a change in behavior if that is your request. When calling, please have the following information available: name; age; breed; coloring and important people or pets in the animal’s life. Book Session.

Phone Sessions are available in the following increments:

  • 30 minute Session   ($75) - this is the minumum session length
  • 45 minute Session ($100)
  • 60 minute Session ($150)
  • Additional 15 minutes time extension ($40)

Office Visit

You can schedule a coaching session or bring your animal companion for a one-on-one session to Sandra’s beautiful meditation studio located in Little Elm, Texas. Each hour session is $150.00.  Fee adjustments may be required if communication with multiple animal companions is required. Book Now.

In Home Visit

Sandra will come to your house to have one-on-one sessions with the animals in your home, depending on your location. It’s truly amazing to watch the behavioral changes and reactions of their pets during and after the communication session. A minimum of one hour is required and each hour is a minimum of $150.00. Depending on distance,a nominal travel fee required if you are located more than 30 miles from Little Elm, TX.  Additional fees may be required for communication with multiple animal companions.  Book Now.

Internet Questions

Sandra can work with a photo and description of your animal companion. A photo is not necessary, but it may help. Please let her know the following information about your animal: name; age; breed; coloring; important people or pets in the animal’s life; your name, city and state or country you live in. Standard pricing is $100 an hour.  Book Now.

Coaching Sessions

Coaching Sessions are available either as bundled sessions or individual sessions.  (Read more about Bundled Session Pricing.) Sandra is an Intuitive Life Coach offersing sessions in Soul Coaching and Life Coaching for $150.00 an hour.  Read more about Intuitive Life Coaching or Book Now.

Other Individual Sessions

Other Individual Sessions include:

  • Clinical Hypnosis: $150 - Sandra’s soothing voice will assist you in releasing long established unhealthy habits, fears, and false beliefs. This process will give you the freedom to let go of addictive behaviors and give you back the right to choose! Some subjects are weight loss; body image; smoking cessation; phobias; addictions; pain control; fear of success and/or failure; and stress relief. This session can be recorded for you to listen to after the session. Book Now!
  • Channeled Messages: $150 - Do the Archangels and Master Teachers have a message for you? Is there something your higher self would like you to know? Sandra will tune in to these light beings that have been longing to talk with you. In this session we will: begin with deep breathing and relaxation; next wrap ourselves in protective white light; then move up to the upper realms to receive messages and dialogue with these wonderful beings of light. Book Now!
  • Mediumship: $150 - Have loved ones, both human and animal, transitioned from your life and you long to connect with them? Is there a message, you would like to have them know? The grieving process is one of the most difficult experiences we all go through in life. It’s easy to second guess ourselves involving the death of our love ones. Do you sometimes feel guilt, shame, or blame yourself for something you did or did not do. You ask, “Did I do the right thing at the right time?” Sometimes, the people and animals we love leave us before we can show them how loved and appreciated they are! Often, just hearing they are alright brings comfort and allows us to move on in the grieving process. Contact Sandra for a private session and connect again with those you love. Book Now!
  • Transformational Card Reading: $100 - Breathe, sit back and relax as Sandra readBook Now!s for you from the Tarot of Transformation deck of cards. You’ll be filled with inspiration and an understanding of how spiritual energy is working in your life. This session may be done over the phone, the Internet or in person. This is usually the deck of cards Sandra works with at her a Enchantment Parties and the guests absolutely love the readings. Book Now!
  • Angel TherapyTM: $150 - Do we walk alone in this world or do we have angels, guides and fairies assisting us? Often, society teaches us to be the rugged individualist who stands alone. But this is an illusion for we are never alone! When we came to earth we brought with us our own personal entourage of angels, fairies, guides and power animals. Because humans have the power of choice, these wonderful beings of light do not impose their will upon us. Of course, in times of grave danger they’ve been know to intervene. But, except for these emergency situations, they stand lovingly by and wait for an invitation to help. Their desire is to serve you in achieving your highest and best good in this life. Allow Sandra to assist you in opening yourself to their compassionate support and guidance. Book Now!
  • Body Talk: $150 - Do you ever feel sensations in your body that mystify you? Do you sometimes have aches and pains you don’t understand? The body sometimes has to go to extremes to mirror the aspects of ourselves we have disowned. Is it possible the pain and sensation is your body’s way of getting you to pay attention? It’s so easy to pretend negative issues don’t exist in our lives. And, all the while we use massive amounts of precious life force energy keeping these unresolved issues at bay. Many times, this how we find ourselves sick in bed. Book Now!
    Have you ever heard the expression ‘Issues in your tissues? Physical illness is the body’s last resort. But, taking time to discover and deal with these issues often has a profound healing effect! During this intuitive process, Sandra will facilitate a dialogue that will help you gain a new perspective on your body's purpose in serving you. Book Now!
  • Past Life Regression: $200 - Do you have fears, worries, phobias and even prosperity blocks that don’t seem originate from this lifetime? Do you think you may have latent talents, gifts or abilities you’d like to discover? Perhaps you’re just curious about the past lives you have lived. Often we are unaware of the influences of our past lives. Knowledge is power. Within everyone's unconscious mind, we have stored the knowledge of our collective experiences as a Soul. The unconscious mind will only reveal the information you are ready to receive. Book Now!
    If you’re ready, Sandra will guide you on an interactive past life journey of discovery and freedom. This is a wonderful, powerful tool that will help you release past life vows, promises and beliefs that no longer serve you. You’ll also feel free to embrace your gifts and talents in this lifetime. This process returns to you the right to choose the life of your dreams.Book Now!
  • Life Between Life Regression (LBL): $300 - This session is designed to access the realm of the Super-conscious mind. Based on the ground breaking work by Michael Newton in Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, the (LBL) will take you to the Spirit world where you can gain new perspective of your current and past life experiences. Previous past-life work is a prerequisite to this session.Book Now!
  • Future Life Progression: $200 - Is it possible to visit our future lives? Brian Weiss in Many Souls, Many Masters, believes it is not only possible, but also helpful. Choosing the life you say you want and seeing the future impact of your choices can be a powerful, life-changing experience. Your future positive life becomes a template that you can build your current life around. Your unconscious mind does not know future, past or present. Seeing the life of your dreams as already done will be a very powerful tool in attracting it to you! Book Now!

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