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Sandra Larson Animal Communicator


Do you sometimes feel like you're just getting by? Have you ever longed for someone whowould lovingly listen to you, someone who in your saddest and best moments would be therefor you? Do you feel passion stirring inside you to live life with meaningful purpose? Are you curious? Would you like support in any of the following areas?

  • Moving with grace and ease through career and life transitions
  • Finding love, peace, joy, calm and effective ways to soothe yourself into feeling better
  • Discovering the 'color of your beliefs' and the 'weather of your emotions'
  • Learning how to 'tend your vibrational garden'
  • Assistance for grief and loss of both humans and animals. (Don't grieve alone!)
  • Recognizing and developing your intuitive gifts, by through intuitive communication
  • Journeying to your past, present, future lives and your life between life
  • Becoming a confident animal communicator through one-on-one or group mentoring
  • Experiencing what it means to be a medium and talk with departed love ones
  • Becoming a channel for Archangels, Angels, Guides, and Master Teachers
  • Learning to embrace, develop and express your empathic gifts. (Yes, you can discover how being empathic is a gift, not a curse and understand your mood swings, too!)
  • Understanding and communicating with the physical body as a medical intuitive

If you're done 'waiting' and are ready to live your best life now, choose one of the packages
below and call me, Sandra Larson at: 972-955-2756! The Soul Essence of who you are
came here to be amazing and to have wonderful adventures. Together we can find the
freedom for you to create the life you've always wanted.

I'm here for you and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sweetest Blessings,


Reserve Your Spot: Send a Message to Sandra or 972-955-2756 

Bronze Package

1.5 hrs of coaching – one 90 minute session
Cost – $135.00 per month (Regular cost - $225.00, Savings of $90.00)

Silver Package

3 hrs of coaching – two 90 minute sessions
Cost – $255.00 per month (Regular Cost - $450.00, Savings of $195.00)

Gold Package

4.5 hrs of coaching – three 90 minute sessions
Cost – $360.00 per month (Regular Cost - $675.00, Savings of $315.00)

Platinum Package

6 hrs of coaching – four 90 minute sessions
Cost – $450.00 per month (Regular Cost - $900.00, Savings of $450.00)

Reserve Your Spot: Send a Message to Sandra or 972-955-2756