Regarding Love

The core of the CLARAC Approach is love. If you truly love animals, you'll be able to communicate with them. In using the CLARAC Approach to animal communication, please spend time practicing this aspect more than any other. Love is the key to connecting with animals intuitively. Sometimes being loving is as natural as breathing in and out, and yet at other times, it doesn't feel so natural. Because of this, I would like to share with you some ideas of how to create that feeling of love with animals.


The first step to feeling love is to stop and take the time to notice the animal. If you enjoy writing, you can record what you see in a journal. Scientists do this and call it an observation. Often they are trained to keep their emotions and feelings out of this gathering of information. In animal communication, please feel free to do the exact opposite! You may start from this neutral place, but you do not need to stay emotionally detached from the animal you are observing. Take the time to discover what is unique. Allow your mind to take in as many aspects of the animal as you possibly can. Relax and look without expectation.

As I'm writing this, I'm observing birds on the sidewalk outside my window enjoying the birdseed I poured out for them to snack on. I smile and laugh as I notice the constant parade to and from the feast! So, to begin this process, you may want to watch birds or other animals outside your window. Or, perhaps you have an animal companion in your home. Nature is everywhere when we are open to seeing it. As you notice and observe, ask yourself some of these questions: Is the animal big or small? What color? What is the animal’s age? Is the animal alone or with others? Do they seem to get along? If you are not physically with the animal, do this in your mind's eye. Noticing will help you began to feel a connection with the animal.


Now, characteristics do you admire about the animal? What do you find appealing? Do you like the colorings? Do enjoy the big floppy ears? What about the disposition? Does he or she appear to be shy or outgoing? Take in the unique characteristics without judgment or criticism. Admire with a sense of wonder!


This admiration will usually grow into appreciation. When you appreciate, you begin to open yourself up to universal love. In this state, you become a clear receiving channel of the universe. Look at the animal and feel the smile form on your face. This appreciation begins to flood you with a sense of well-being. This is a lovely way to release stress in your life. Once, I was standing waiting for my to-go order to be completed in a Chinese restaurant when I saw an aquarium filled with fish. I began to notice, admire and appreciate them. Knowing that it usually took about 15 minutes for my order to be completed at this restaurant, I allowed myself the luxury of connecting with them. I stood transfixed, losing track of time and place. I can't tell you what they said to me, I only know that when the waitress brought my food, I realized they had all come to the corner of the aquarium near me. I believe they were connecting with the love I was sending them. As soon as I stopped sending them love and focused on the waitress, the fish dispersed throughout the aquarium. I was amazed and filled with wonder.


So now, you may quickly move into the feeling of love. All love begins with appreciation. Love is not just a word. It is the feeling and emotion that requires expression. Now find the love for the animal within you. It's there! Give him or her your admiration. Let them know you appreciate, honor and respect them. Give them compliments. Tell them how much you love them. I often say, "Hello Beautiful One, you are so lovely. I love you, Sweetheart. I love you Lovely One!" Breathe in and out. Keep saying this or something like this until you experience this sense of love. Love will expand and grow in your heart. You may even feel sensations in your body. Love brings to you peacefulness and well-being. Let this feeling of love saturate your body.

I remember, one time, I was trying to talk to a kitten that was very shy. The kitten stood on a staircase step alone and appeared to be very frightened. This kitten always ran and hid when people came to visit. My heart went out to her. I started to admire, appreciate and send her great love. She was afraid of every one, except her human companion. She stood transfixed on the stairway, staring down at me. I continued to send her love. Finally, she could resist no longer. She raced down the steps toward me as if it pulled by a magnet! You'll find authentic unconditional love is irresistible.

Continue to send the animal this feeling of love until you find you are ready to introduce yourself. Maintain this loving connection to the animal throughout the session. Approach with honor and respect. Make a point of talking with, not at the animal. Love is not a tool for manipulation. Remember, when we remove all the layers of who we are, the roles we think define us and the differences that divide us, what remains is love. And love is the true essence of everything.

Before I knew without a shadow of a doubt, I could receive the messages from animals; I spent a great deal of time just loving them. You are indeed on the path to becoming an authentic, caring animal communicator if you allow yourself to love and be loved by them. The animals don't speak the human language, but they do have a message for you, and they've been sending it to you for a long time. Love is the common ground in this intuitive process. Go as fast or slow as you like, but allow love to guide you as you learn to speak and hear their language!