Sandra's Larson Meditation Studio

However, our Soul incarnated into this physical form with a Pre-Birth Plan which includes expansion, growth, and evolution. When we’re open to our intuitive guidance, miracles of joy fill our lives, and we thrive. When we resist that voice and follow the demands of the ego, we struggle in survival mode. And even though we might feel comfortably numb, this lack of joy causes us stress, depression, a feeling of being separate and alone. And, a general sense of being unfulfilled.

So, have you ever treated yourself to a Spa Day? If you have, you know how you can come out of the experience feeling relaxed and refreshed. But, have you ever had a Spa Day for your Soul and Spirit?

That’s what I’d like to offer you during an Intuitive Life Coaching session. Whether we go on a Soul Journey to your past or future, communicate with your angels and guides, meet with your power animals, or even just talk through whatever situation you’re experiencing in life, in every session, we become partners in the process of getting clear guidance from your Soul. I believe the answers we’re seeking in life are within each of us.

I’ve always had a love for people and animals. For as long as I can remember, virtual strangers would share their most in-depth, intimate details of their lives with me. (Mothers have handed me their babies to hold, even though I’d just met them.) And, I’ve always maintained this trust as a sacred opportunity to be of service to those who seek me out for intuitive guidance. In our coaching sessions, together, we’ll look below the surface to see your beautiful inner Soul. Our focus is to lovingly assist you in discovering ‘your highest and best good’ and helping you to ‘turn on’ that intuitive voice within you.

I would be honored to be your Intuitive Life Coach! Please be sure check out all of our Intuitive Life Coaching options here.