If this is your first visit to an Animal Communicator, (which some call a Pet Psychic), I'd love to help you understand what animal communication is all about and my particular approach to it.

Before human language was created, intuitive communication, sounds and body language were the methods by which all life communicated. Some refer to intuitive communication as telepathic or psychic communication. It is not only a natural way of conversing, it's actually the manner in which most non-human life communicates. They talk, not on the Internet, but rather the Inner-net or Web of Life! In Western Culture it's often a lost or latent human ability we’ve been taught to suppress and conditioned to forget.

As humans, most of us were taught early in life by our families and society to dismiss our intuitive experiences as simply an over-active imagination at work. This is truly sad because our intuitive guidance system is almost always helpful and accurate in most situations

Is it possible to know what my animal companion is thinking or feeling?

Yes, I use a method called the CLARAC Approach in talking with animals. Each of the letters in the word CLARAC represents a step in communicating with animals and nature. Because all life is connected, it is possible to learn (or remember) how to focus or channel into a particular receiver, i.e., an animal. Additionally, parents can use this approach with their pre-verbal infants and even pre-birth babies. My intention in creating this method is to help people connect with all life that, including those who do not speak a human language. To learn more about this approach, please read more about "My Approach."

Can Sandra, as an animal communicator help me understand my animal companion? Yes, you may call for help with the following:

  • Thoughts and feelings
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Past, present and future wishes
  • Behavioral problems
  • Frequent ‘accidents’ in the home
  • Health concerns your veterinarian can not diagnose
  • The aging, dying and death process

Sandra can also help with the following animal issues:

  • Job discovery or assignment
  • Behavioral issues including soiling, spraying, litter box issues
  • Fear or aggression in your animal
  • Finding the right animal for your home
  • Finding lost pets
  • Aging, death, and dying
  • Mediumship (connecting with departed animal souls)

One-on-One Sessions Offered:

  • Phone Sessions
  • Home Visits (your home)
  • Comfort Studio Visits (my home)

Can I learn animal communication and verify the information I receive?

One-on-One mentoring in animal communication is offered. In facilitating animal communication classes, galleries, and teleconferences, interactive and verifiable exercises are created which allow students to surprise themselves with incredible intuitive hits. After connecting with animals on the 'Inner-net', and receiving positive feedback, many students say, “How could I have known that?” Participants often work with live animals in the classroom which becomes a safe and supportive place to practice intuitive communication. It’s amazing to watch the transformation as we began the process. The animals that at first were excitable, will often sit or lie down quietly as the participants talk with them.

Both humans and animals benefit from this experience. The participants often say they feel more peaceful and joyful experiencing this sacred link. The animals often express surprise and happiness when humans have finally heard and received their messages. In learning animal communication, it’s helpful to remember that this connection is our sacred birthright. The classroom creates the opportunity to affirm human and animal communication. Remember, the only separations we have are the limits and illusions we create and accept.